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Choose a mutual fund portfolio solution. Ramos Capital Group does the rest.

Our portfolio solutions are automatically rebalanced, helps you diversify your portfolio across different asset classes

Select from three different types of investment goals.

Investing at any stage

By investing in an index fund, you can diversify your portfolio, lower your costs and fees, and avoid the risks of picking individual stocks. 

Retirement savings

Finding a retirement solution that suits your needs and preferences can be challenging, but it is worth the effort. By planning ahead and choosing wisely, you can enjoy a retirement that meets your expectations and fulfills your dreams.


Retirement income

A single fund is a type of mutual fund that is designed to meet your specific retirement or other income needs.

Combine the power of index investing and asset allocation with Ramos Capital Group Model Portfolios®.

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How it works

The Ramos Capital Group Model Portfolios are designed to help you achieve your financial objectives with a balance of risk and reward. They use two types of index strategies: Fundamental Index® Tooltip, which weights companies by their economic size, and market-cap index strategies Tooltip, which weights companies by their market value. Each portfolio has a different mix of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and commodities, to suit your risk tolerance and goals.​

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Understandingmutual funds

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