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Investment Philosophy 

At Ramos Capital Group, we follow a three-step core investment philosophy. First, we apply the fundamental approach of Value Investing Theory by acquiring companies that are fundamentally underpriced. Second, we search for companies with free cash-flows that offer growth potential. Lastly, our opportunistic investment approach allows us to take advantage of market inefficiencies to deliver above average dividend yields. 


Pure Income Model (PIM)

A Superior Approach for Income Investors

Model 1 - Conservative Income Strategy (CIS)

For Investors Seeking Preservation of Capital

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Model 2 - Moderately Conservative Strategy (MCS)

For Investors Seeking Preservation of Capital & Current Income

Ramos Capital Group can simplify your Income Strategy.

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Model 3 - Balanced Income Strategy (BIS)

A Strategic Approach to Both Income & Capital Appreciation

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Model 4 - Moderately High-Risk Strategy (MHRS)

For Investors Seeking Risk-Adjusted Market Returns

Model 5 - Aggressive Growth Strategy (AGS)

A Solution for Alpha Generating Investors


We can help with your Growth Strategy.

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