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We strive to be a reference in the practice of value investing

Ramos Capital Group investment process consists in buying companies with attractive fundamentals and a strong discipline in price: buying cheap.

We recognize value investing as the discipline of purchasing businesses which are priced below their real, intrinsic, theoretical, or fundamental value and then anticipating the necessary time for such value to be realized.

Most of our time is dedicated to companies’ research, understanding their business models and calculate their fundamental value.

We grasp value investing as a philosophy of life applied to investing. Some of its most relevant aspects are as follows:

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Alignment of interests

We manage our clients’ money as if it were ours. In fact, a significant part of our own assets are invested in the funds. Ramos Capital Group co-invest with our clients.

Long-term vision

At Ramos Capital Group patience is a virtue and we believe that the work well done is rewarded over time. We pause the necessary time for price to equal value.

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We conduct in strict compliance with a Code of Ethics existing in each and every action related to Ramos Capital Group, our clients, employees, financial partners. Integrity, dedication and knowledge are our basic attributes. The latter two are of no use without integrity. The same relates to the companies under analysis, where key non-economical parameters such as Environmental, Social and Governance, are as important as the purely economic aspects.

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Independent thinking

We trust that independent and extraordinary decisions carry results which are similarly extraordinary. It is not possible to differentiate oneself from the rest if we all make the same decisions. Independent and original thinking is of highest importance at Ramos Capital Group. We do not follow generalized or consensus opinions, general trends or lack of critical and reflective thought

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