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Seize control of your tomorrow with a financial plan?

At Ramos Capital Group we believe every client can get a complimentary financial plan to help reach their retirement goals. You can get access to a complimentary plan with any financial account.

Here's what's inside your financial plan:

Retirement Goals

Tell us when you plan to retire and estimate your retirement income and expenses.


 Consider factors such as your current income, savings, investments, pensions, social security benefits, taxes, inflation, health care costs, and leisure activities

Results & Action Steps

You'll also get personalized recommendations on what steps to take next to increase your chances of success. 

Do you want to achieve your financial goals with confidence? Follow these three easy steps to create your own financial plan and see the probability of your success.

Retirement is a major life goal that requires careful planning. We offer you a complimentary plan that shows you how to achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

Fill out a brief questionnaire.

You will start by entering your goals, like when you plan to retire and how much you'll need for expenses to support your lifestyle.

Then you will input your financial information like your income, investments and assets, pensions

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Computer with Graph

See your probability of reaching your goals.

Our advisors can help you simulated market projections with your input to generate hypothetical and probability illustrations that can give you estimate the horizon to reach your goals. Stress test your plan with an interactive tool that lets you see the impact of adjusting your retirement age, expenses, and more.

Review your plan and take action.

We'll help you understand your probability of reaching your goals and what steps you could take next to put your plan into action. We can update your plan as life changes, so you stay on track.

Business Plan

Ready to start planning and investing?





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