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Plan and invest with a Ramos Capital Group Advisory Team.

Get personalized advice from a dedicated Financial Consultant supported by a team of specialists.

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Your dedicated Financial Consultant will be... your financial journey partner.

  • They will assist you in creating a financial plan tailored to your financial needs and goals.

  • They are available in-person, over the phone, or by video chat.

  • We have a lineal interest with you. Full transparency, fiduciary and professional responsibility are core values in our business relationship.

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Work together to create a plan to meet your ever-changing goals.

You and our Financial Consultant can create a dynamic financial plan that answers all sorts of questions as your life evolves, such as:

  • How much do I really need when I retire?

  • How can I plan for multiple college tuitions?

  • How can I prepare for unexpected life events?

A dynamic financial plan requires a dynamic planning process. Take advantage of our services and expertise.

Our Financial Consultants can help you choose the right level of advice and service based on your needs. Our consultant will make a complex planning a simple road map to follow.

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8141 2nd St. Suite 330

Downey, CA. 90241

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