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Investment strategies and how to generate cash flow while staying invested

Ramos Capital Group Advisory Services offers you a choice of investment income models strategies.

Each strategy provides access to a well-diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives based on your investment goal, time horizon and comfort level with risk. Each model portfolio can be a suitable way to achieve your financial goals, whether you are early in your career saving for retirement or ready to enjoy your golden years.

Ramos Capital Group Smart Beta  Investment Strategies


 Global and International portfolios can help you diversify your portfolio and reduce your exposure to any single country or market risk

U.S. Focused

Some investors may want to invest only in U.S.-based companies that do not depend on foreign markets, especially emerging ones. These investors can choose from a variety of U.S.-domiciled investments that offer this kind of exposure.

Income  Focused

ncome-focused portfolio is designed for clients who prefer underlying investments that make higher and more stable interest and dividend payments. This portfolio aims to provide a steady stream of income while preserving capital and minimizing volatility.

What 's the benefit of investing in a growth and income strategy?

In most situations, when you purchase an investment, your capital can grow in two ways:

(A) periodic payments (cash flow, dividends, interest, rental income, etc.) 

(B) a change in capital value (growth) when you sell the security or investment. These two ways of growing capital together is called a total return (yield + growth). for example: think of owning a rental property – you might receive monthly rental income (yield or cash flow) from renting the property to a tenant and, when you sell the property, if the market value has increased since the time of purchase, then you will realize a capital gain or (price return). 

A growth and income fund is class of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that has a dual strategy of both capital appreciation (growth) and current income generated through dividends or interest payments. A growth and income fund may invest only in equities or in a combination of stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts (REIT) and other securities.

A growth and income fund is a type of blend fund, which invests in both growth and value stocks.

As firm, we believe that focusing on an investment total return is more important than just focusing on yields. At the same time,  we understand why many investors may have a preference for predictable sources of income, like dividends, rental income and interest payments.


At Ramos Capital Group we can simplify your Portfolio investment strategies.

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Generating cash flow from your investment strategy

Depending on your life will direct your investment objectives accordingly. for example, if you are in the accumulation period, capital appreciation is the main objective, but if you are nearing or in retirement generating cash flow or systematic income shall be your focus. . But, you might also be thinking that if you need income,  that you should be invested only in Income-focused strategies. The reality is that you need to have both investment objectives combined.


Cash flow that can be generated from securities and proceeds from the sale of appreciated securities. During the accumulation period, some investors decides to reinvest interest or dividend payments (you consult a tax advisor for implications upon selling your securities) 



Ramos Capital Group model portfolios offers investment strategies that can be tailored to your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment preferences. While there are some  differences between the underlying holdings of the investment strategies, portfolio metrics such as standard deviation (risk), market risk (beta) and expected rate of returns, each model is designed to help achieve your investment goals.

Button line, when you are ready to turn your investment into a recurring stream of cash flow, we are ready to help.  

Manuel Ramos, CEO with Ramos Capital Group

Investment Management  

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