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Ramos Capital Group ESG Philosophy

RCG offers a variety of sustainable investing options, from fund managers that integrate ESG factors as an intrinsic part of the investment process, to thematic Sustainable Funds that seek to achieve attractive financial returns alongside positive impact.


Ramos Capital Group (RCG) maintainable investing philosophy is fastened on the belief that there is a spectrum of approaches to utilize material environmental, social and governance (ESG) information and criteria to deliver strong returns to investors.

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The world finds itself in the midst of a climate crisis. But nations and businesses have devised an array of innovative solutions to steer us to a more sustainable future. Countries throughout the world have set net-zero emission targets, along with providing incentives for the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy sources. The emergence of the green economy should create a wide range of opportunities for investors willing to ride the wave.

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Ramos Capital Group investments strategy identified portfolio managers that focus in areas that are strategic importance to our thematic models. These themes varies depending on asset class, geography, and other risk factors for example:

A Greener Economy

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The following chart illustrates how different themes within this section are progressing toward mass adoption. Themes that are earlier in the adoption curve have more room for growth—and potential variance—ahead.


 Sustainable Investing Approach Overview

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Our investment teams are committed to ESG integration as a tool to deliver strong returns and manage risk. Their efforts are supported by world-class specialist resources, and guided by the MSIM-wide Sustainable Investing Policy.





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